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Share but CREDIT

Fling Magazine Coupons! Cut Them Out, Earn Fabulous Gifts Vintage Sleaze

One of the most lovely sleaze magazines ever, oxymoron intended. Fling started as an odd sized digest, and here is issue number one. Beat to hell, I know. I could have jazzed it up with a black magic marker, but then for the rest of my life I'd look at it and only see the touch-ups. Repairs don't happen here.

Later, under the wide open lens of Russ Meyer, who became something of house photographer for a while, the magazine turned into a big boob thing. How much later? ISSUE TWO. In fact, Russ did a layout in number one, and he'd somehow convinced the editors to "go big" for real with the second one. Soon after, the magazine grew accordingly. Despite these covers, a full-size magazine was required to contain Meyer's dames...and sell more on the stand.

Most notable, other than the wonderful covers..are the FLING COUPONS! Yep, the Groupon™ of smut!

Feel free to cut these out and use them for your NEXT fling. Actually, all they were good for was crap on the back page. Folding binoculars, a golf-club ashtray and musical cufflinks! Still, you pay 50 cents for a fling, you want the extras.

Fling Magazine Number One 1957 Collection Victor Minx
Other covers cribbed from the web.