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Bill Ward Goes Black (!) 1957 Greatest Moments in Vintage Sleaze #5

How did big basoom artist Bill Ward come to create his busty babes in black for the first issue of Duke Magazine, the only African-American Pin Up magazine of note from the 1950s? Well, first of all, he drew them under his pseudonym "McCartney" which was probably a good move, as the same year, 1957, African-American children were being denied the right to attend white schools in Little Rock and at least one parent of the children had a Ku Klux Klan cross burned on his front yard.

To Bill Ward's credits, we can now officially add civil rights advocate! And you thought he was just a pervy cartooner. Guess what? It appears African-Americans are just like us, at least as far as sleazy big boob jokes go. Thanks Bill, for being so far ahead of your time you could have been jailed in the South! (And for showing us all is equal when it comes to sexist cartoon gags.)

Great stuff here from the premier issue of Duke Magazine, which I have discussed before HERE.

Also of interest is the book SECRET HISTORY OF THE BLACK PIN UP which is now available as a $5.99 download for iPad and IPhone HERE

Greatest Moments in Vintage Sleaze is a once in a while entry on Vintage Sleaze HERE by Jim Linderman. The first entry documents Candy Barr's visit to the Warren Commission.

First Issue of Duke Magazine June 1957 collection Victor Minx