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Dale Koby Campus Sexpot and Lust on Wheels Moving the Story Along Vintage Sleaze Paperbacks

As we rip the headlines here over sport coaches and molestation, it might be time to revisit Dale Koby. He might have, he might not have, and since I enjoy a good story, the least I can do is move the story along a bit.

Many vintage sleaze paperback writers used pseudonyms to pay the rent and feed the family. One fairly prolific writer who did not use a fake name was Dale Koby, a big mistake. He may not have written well, but he wrote...and writing got him in some big trouble.

Let's first make clear than Koby did not write pornography. He wrote sleaze...hard-boiled crud in which participants dress and undress over and over and over, but they were all tease...with little sleaze. The covers sold the books and told dirtier tales than the author.

Secondly, I think anyway, that Koby may not have done what he was subsequently accused of, but maybe he did.

Life is full of mysteries and Koby is a good one.
Koby also holds the distinction of being the only smut hack who was later inspiration for a an experimental non-fiction book, and yet we STILL know less about him than many of his peers.

Considering Dale Koby was accused of molesting high school students and run out of town you would think his paper trail would be extensive. Not really. And if it were not for the book written by David Carkeet titled Campus Sexpot: A Memoir we would know even less about him.

My aim here is not to retread the tire tracks uncovered by Carkeet, only to move the story along a bit. One, by collecting a few of the man's novels in one place. Two, by linking to the information subsequently added to the story by his own sons. (One of whom remembers his parents packing up in haste and leaving town under cover of night!) Another son reveals they are doing all they can to locate and destroy their father's work, that being his last request. That could also have something to do with the empty trails and dead end leads. Scroll down at the link above to the comments section to see their notes.

It is a good story, and I am drawn to good stories. I am also drawn to bright, lurid paperback covers...so here you go.

I can tell you Koby went off to do many things...including editing a journal also under his own name. He didn't learn! The Magazine of Modern Sex shown here.

For the time being, I have no more to add. But there is much more to be found.

He was apparently writing for a recreational vehicle magazine when killed by a drunk driver in 1979...