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Woodford Press and Jack Woodford Early Sleaze Books Unread

Virtually all the books and such posted on this site are in the collection of Victor Minx, but I've had to make an exception here. Because, as you can see in the scarce pulp advertisement above, "NONE ARE FREE" and most of Woodford's work falls a bit too early for the vintage sleaze perimeters anyway. We're about the 1950s and 1960s, but Jack Woodford goes WAY back before that. He was writing for pulp magazines when none of us were born! One of his stories was made into a film in 1934!

(Just for the record, and also in reference to the ad shown at top, to be "Rabelaisian" means to be outrageous, crude, raunchy and stubborn.)

Peeping Tom is the probably the most familiar cover here with good reason. It has been used as an example of "Good Girl Art" and Vintage Sleaze often.

Jack didn't exist. His real name was Josiah Pitts Woolfolk. He had more names than a bank robber on the lam, but my favorite is Sappo Henderson Britt. He didn't just write sleaze...he also wrote The Evangelical Cockroach. (My favorite book title of all time, with the possible exception of "We Can Always Call Them Bulgarians" a history of gay folks in the American theater.)

Now since Vintage Sleaze is more interested in visual art I usually don't pay too much attention to the writers. First of all, there is nothing on this site I have actually read...guys are visual! (I'm not kidding. I haven't read a word) Second, the most interesting thing about Jack isn't his writing, it's his publishing house the Woodford Press. Why? Because it was partly run by a mobster named Moe Shapiro according to my hero Jay Gertzman.

Woodford's advice for writers and autobiographical material is being reprinted in several volumes by WOODFORD MEMORIAL EDITIONS and are highly recommended.

A sample of Woodford books cribbed from the web. Collection of others.