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What Lyle Did! Naked Came the Stranger Vintage Sleaze Genius

Lyle Stuart was, I can say with no fear of libel (as he is dead) a nut-case. A SERIOUS nut case. Fearless, brilliant, a genius, fascinating...but 100 percent certifiable crazy. The book above, "LOOSE WOMEN THROUGHOUT THE WORLD" which Lyle published in 1964 is only one example. Here are a few more things we can attribute to this demented tornado.

* In 1969, Lyle published a fake soft-core book spoofing the popular trashy novels. It was written by 19 prominent authors in secret, each taking a chapter. The idea was to write the worst book in history as satire...but guess what? The public is so stupid they bought it. It became a New York Times best-seller, and not only did Lyle prove his point, he took the dough all the way to way to sleaze richness. Naked Came The Stranger may have sold well because of the cover...but then so do most books. That is how we judge a book after all!

* Lyle had the balls to imply Las Vegas casino owner Steve Wynn was associated with the Gambino mob family. It wasn't true, but that's not the point. Lyle did it, and it is akin to saying the same about Wayne Newton or Frank Sinatra. You do NOT make fun of Wayne Newton for ANY reason. (Ask Johnny Carson) Wayne may sing like a dame, but he's got balls like the one which drops at New Year's.

* In 1951, he published a monthly magazine called "Expose" which did, was and made news doing. An example is above.

* He wrote and published an open letter to the New York Times exposing the Scientologists as money sucking-vampires and charlatans way back before anyone knew the Scientologists are money sucking vampires and charlatans.

Here is how the Washington Post reported his passing in 2006: "Mr. Stuart, who proudly called himself a "First Amendment fanatic," developed his reputation by snapping up controversial titles that most publishing houses refused to touch. A cheerful iconoclast often pilloried as a purveyor of sleaze, he published books that revealed government secrets, exposed the private lives of celebrities and became how-to guides for the radical left and the radical right."

* In 1971 Lyle Stuart Publishing came up with 'THE Sensuous Man" an early book and instruction manual for stupid guys nearly forty years before the invention of metro-sexuals and manscaping. He also published "The Sensuous Woman" which probably sold more, but they already knew how to be sensuous, I think anyway.

* Probably one of the first great gamblers and baccarat players, Lyle wrote several books on how to come home from Vegas a winner, and apparently claimed he had on ten consecutive visits.

* He made J. Edgar Hoover mad.

* He published Fidel's autobiography.

* He published the autobiography of Linda Lovelace. Not to mention "Sun-Warmed Nudes" which I will immediately search amazon for...and "The World's Best Dirty Jokes" too.

In fairness, he also published some things he should be truly despised for...which I will not mention here, but I guess if you are an equal opportunity sleaze, you are going to offend someone. He offended me.

* In 1989, as an old man, Stuart sold his publishing empire for 12 million dollars. Did he retire? Nope. Just like that no talent burr-head Simon Cowell...he came right back with another project just like the last one, Barricade Books.

Now Lyle, in addition to all the great things above also did some really stupid things I abhor. That's freedom. Sorry!
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