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Share but CREDIT

Time to Hit the Books (and more) Spanking Search Scrutiny a Vintage Sleaze Essay sorta

Since the college kids have hit the books, my click rate here has plummeted. Somehow study of sleaze drops considerably when there is a test the next day, so it's time to pull out the big guns. Plus, I think Google fudged the system again, so one of the two or three media conglomerates left in the world get the hits. They do it every few months to favor corporate interests and I have to strike back, so to speak.

Spanking! Nothing drives traffic to my site more than some poor woman being slapped. I really don't know why...once a staple of the gag cartoon (seriously...you can virtually not find a Humorama magazine without one or two upraised cheeks. In fact before Kefauver came along, you could hardly find a KID'S COMIC BOOK without a few.) Anyway, ALL the following come from one book which you certainly haven't read. I don't think there are any around, it being printed in an edition of 1000 (by the subject of my next book) over 50 years ago...but I have TWO copies so can smash the spine of one scanning it.

These have not seen the light of web yet...so if I see them reposted, I'll know the genesis. Not that I care...who wants credit placed on this stuff? Go ahead and crib...the fellow who originally published these served time for it...and he never bothered to take out a copyright anyway.

So to make sure my post here meets acceptable standards of screening software scrutiny, I did a preemptive search...and found a few examples. Wit!

Linus spanking Lucy, Popeye spanking Olive Oyl, someone spanking Lana Lang in a Superboy comic, Superman spanking Wonder Woman, Superman spanking Lois,
and John Wayne spanking some cowgirl on the set of a crappy Hollywood oater, and all this with the search set on safe...so I guess I am too.

Since I suppose I should add some redeeming social value to these...isn't it interesting how the artist has chosen to cross-hatch the fellas, but polka-dot
the dames? The artist with the limited pallet but considerable paddle is prolific...He did a few in the fifties. He wasn't very GOOD but that has never deterred me before.

Relevance protocol perimeters and automated robotic search stratagem? Do your STUFF! I like to be RANKED dammit...not just rank.