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Tijuana Bible History Series #22 Popeye Laughs and Smells the Posies...so to speak

Someone wrote and asked if my Tijuana Bibles Series was over. ARFkk, ARFkk, ARFkk!! Of course not! Is Bluto Brutus? Is Olive Oyl flat? I'm just working on some things. I'll be back in the Posies with Popeye soon.

In the meantime, be aware. J. Wellington Wimpy tells me there are bootleg, recent copies of Tijuana Bibles flooding the internet like Japs in a deleted racist world war two episode! So be aware..always look for the rusted staple.

The Tijuana Bible History Series by Jim Linderman Runs once a week or so...make sure to bookmark to enjoy future (and past) posts. Some groundbreaking original research, government documents and rare examples.

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