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Spurious vintage sleaze Soft-Tissue Engorgers which do Not

How stupid were we back in the day? This stupid. A sample of potions foisted on the kicks hungry public in the years prior to the invention of erection drugs which thin your blood so it rushes down to your nether region and engorges tissue. It engorges your nasal passages too, hence the stuffy nose. You can "click to enlarge" these images of fake love potions...at least MY enlarger works!

But better living through chemistry. Not SPURIOUS chemistry. These little boxes of roots and potions are some huckster's way of selling sugar pills for six bucks a pop, and I bet he had a hefty pile of brown paper hefty bags by the cash register. No date, and I'm working on something, so am vamping here...you can do the research to date the things, I'm too busy.

Set of bogus fraud charlatan boner pills from a shop ad in New York. Circa 1970? Collection Victor Minx