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Mr. Jones Saves his Mail Vintage Sleaze

J. F. Jones of Daytona Beach saved his mail a LONG time. Dated 1954, and from the peak days of "Smut by Mail" here is 3 cents worth of sleaze sent solicited or not. Direct mail was one way for smut distributors to reach outside the big cities (where interested patrons could just skulk into the novelty store and browse the goods.) If you were Mrs. Jones, would YOU let Mr. Jones drive all the way up Highway 1 to the smut shop?

The technique got many distributors in trouble as various government investigations questioned whether the material got into the hands of young 'uns, and also used bulk mail permits as a form of censorship.

There were a few brochures from the classy "Male Merchandise Mart of Hollywood" in the envelope. Look close and you can see the "use confidential order form..." pitch. Guess what? That seems to be the only thing Mr. Jones didn't save. Somehow the return order form is missing!