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Lilly Christine Will the Real Lilly Christine Stand up STAND UP (card) vintage sleaze

WOW! A miniature "stand-up" for a great "line-up" at the 500 Club!

Lilly Christine, the Cat Woman who did so many sit-ups she died (true...see story HERE) and Carrie Finnell, the woman who invented the strip tease (true...see story here) on the same stage. I don't know where the 500 Club is, but I'm THERE.

Actually, I do know where the 500 Club was, and I wish I was there now. Bourbon Street. Lilly had a long run there, not in her stockings. She was house act for a long time. Lilly had a 37C-22-35 figure and worked for it. She performed a voodoo love potion dance and crawled around like a cat. Carrie by this time had put on a few pounds, but she could still shake them...each in a different direction.

Lilly Christine Cardboard Stand Up circa 1955 Collection Victor Minx