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Lawrence Lariar and The Real Low Down Vintage Sleaze Ghosts

The fairly scarce book "The Real Low-Down" by one of my favorite cartoonists, long forgotten Lawrence Lariar. This slender little pamphlet seems to have escaped most sources of his work, maybe because it was a novelty item printed to be used as a salesman promotional item in 1956. In fact, this copy comes from a petroleum refining company in Minnesota! Offering goofy tips for salesman interspersed with sexy photographs of dames and photographs of Lawrence. That's right...Lawrence himself hams it up here, frequently with the models!

A scarce comic and girlie piece of history from 50 years ago, and exactly what I am trying to do here. Bring back funny ghosts. An earlier post on Lariar is HERE.

The Real Low Down Salesman Promotional Pamphlet 1956 by Lawrence Lariar Brown and Bigelow (Northwestern Refining Company) Collection Victor Minx