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As you can see, when Bob Tupper drew breasts, he often drew a shelf. It isn't unusual for gravity to be forgotten in cartoons, but Tupper drew them like a horizon. Perhaps that is why his book, published by Sex to Sexty in 1967, is titled "Knockers UP with Tup"

He also published a book titled "Calling Dr. Dare-Kill in 1962. Hospital cartoons loosely based on the popular TV show Dr. Killdare. Imagine how many sick beds received that as a gift? I'm going to go out on a limb and suggest for a few folks, "Calling Dr. Dare-Kill" was the last book they ever read.

The remarkable Shane Glines has become the de facto expert on Tupper, but even he isn't too sure about the guy. Gag cartoonists were seldom interviewed by The Smithsonian Archives of Art after all...and Tupper ain't talkin'.

He does have a facebook page and a nickname. Tup earned both by an astounding prolific production. There are thousands. Mine here is numbered 4064 and I suspect he numbered them consecutively.

So what can I add to Tupper Stew? Like all great artists, he drew some cocktail napkins. Although his greatest output was likely that dashed off for Sex to Sexty magazine in the 1960s and 1970s, he worked long before that.

Tupper lived in Fullterton California and did 4 years in the Navy. He went to Art school...twice! He was born in 1922 (likely). He sold work like the streetwalkers he often portrayed! Field and Stream. Male Magazine. Mirth Magazine. Westways (Newsletter of the Automobile Club of South California) Even CARtoons, that totally cool drag racing and hot rods rag from the early 1960s. Cartoons Carnival. Rogue. Stag. Rake. Adam. If there was a one-word tits magazine, Tupper sent in samples.

He also had work published in the paperback anthologies "Mister and Mistress" "Can you Topless This?" "Big Dame Hunters" "A Man for all Squeezins" "From Here to Maternity" "She Drives Me Crazy" "Wedding and Bedding" and no doubt others not yet dug out of landfills.

In 1958, famous buffoon Ed Wynn picked him as his favorite cartoonist., which was the same year Tupper sold a gag to Imagination, a science fiction digest.

In 1963, he had a cartoon published in the prestigious book "Flushed: The W.C. Companion" which certainly could NOT have been work he was proudest of.

My greatest contribution to the collective brain? A PICTURE of Tup. Okay, not MUCH of a picture. But then, he wasn't much of a....well, never mind.

Original Bob Tupper Gag Cartoon no date Collection Jim Linderman

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