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Share but CREDIT

Mitch O'Connell Cartoon Genius of Chicago #17 Vintage Sleaze Contemporary Series


#17 is the great Mitch O'Connell who happens to be the first to participate in "Vintage Sleaze Contemporary" who has done four Newsweek covers (!) He is also the first Chicago artist to get in touch. As Chicago has more interesting artists than the Hamptons on a hot summer weekend, let's hope for more. Plus, Mitch himself is hot, handsome and hunkalicious. HIS words not mine, but I will contribute that he is a genius and very well groomed indeed.

When you click to enlarge, stand back. Mitch is well-spoken, but for now we can have his work speak for him.

Like the coolest homes in the Chicago art world (from Ray Yoshida to Roger Brown and beyond) where Mitch lives is as fun as his work...groaning shelves of fun!
He wears his inspirations well.

Mitch is a whirlwind. Tattoo design. Bigfoot hunter. Group shows, One man shows, Comics...and drawings of Tura Santana, which is a pretty safe way to get your work shown on Vintage Sleaze. There are skateboards, monkeys, beatniks and futuristic skulls from Hell. Big Daddy Roth meets John Waters in a swirling bowl of jiggling pop culture jello. You'll see. The artist's blog is HERE and like everything which surrounds this artist, highly recommended!

Mitch O'Connell WEBSITE HERE

A fascinating video on the artist's creative process documents a piece he created for the Village Voice below. It you are interested in Comics, you will be learning here from a master.

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