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Evelyn West and the Treasure Chest Test

Normally, medical records are private, which is why I oppose putting them on computer. Once there, they are not private and secure. AT ALL. I'd also like a few of those medical records personnel to keep their jobs. No one has to move or alphabetize files once they've been digitized, and we need all the jobs we can find. But Evelyn West didn't mind. In fact, she went out of her way to MAKE hers public as you can see here.

Evelyn hoped to insure her sisters for 50 big ones. She even tried to legally change her NAME to "Evelyn 50,000 Dollar Treasure Chest West" and I am not kidding. You can look it up!

Evelyn West started in the carnival sideshow. Soon she was dancing with a wooden dummy for a partner on stage. As her skills blossomed, she moved up the showbiz ladder into stripping.

She did have another name..."The Hubba Hubba Girl" and you can watch her dance, sorta, under that name below. It's two minutes and although she tries to be funny, there is no real punch line. Rim Shots and cymbal drops, but no punch line.

Her publicist placed article after article in the sleaze press of the 1950s and 1960s in which she compared her talents to other busty performers, always claiming she had the goods, they didn't...and in this case, she had the doctor's results to prove it.

After big fame, Evelyn went quietly at age 83 and her death was unnoticed until a fan contacted the local paper and told them.