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8-Track Speed Trap A Big Wheeler with a Heavy Load, Don't cha Know Big Buddy Vintage Sleaze

The last thing I want to think about is a hopped-up, speed-driven, horn-tootin' 14-wheeler behind me on the highway while the 8-track is playing "Wife Swapping Swinger's Orgy" but I'm sure it happened. It happened all the time!
There was a wonderful, brief moment in human history when X-rated 8-track tapes consisting of bad actors reading porn were common in big truck cabs. And you were worried about that KID behind you with a hand-held. At least he is driving a tin Ford Fiesta one-handed, not a semi with a load of steel girders.

I don't think accident reports tell the full story too often, but I am going to bet there was at least a few big rigs dumped while the driver was running down the road with more than his mud-flaps flapping.

"10-4 Big Daddy, It's Bean Poppa here, I'm about to Drop the Hammer and Blow my Motion-Lotion, Good Buddy"
Collection of Smutty 8-Track Tapes (Yes...8-Track TAPES) Sheesh! Victor Minx

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