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Share but CREDIT

Soaked in Sin Peter J. Fairfax and Samantha J. Emery for Vintage Sleaze Contemporary (#15) Valentine's Dei Hard-Boiled Graphic Novel from Down Under



TWO Original Paperback book covers by artist Peter J. Fairfax generously contributed to the Vintage Sleaze Contemporary series! Peter is from way down under, and as such it is great to put another sleazy pin on the worldwide map!

Fairfax is a real cartoonist who uses paper and pencil (and who may also be known as Sturstein) with an amazing, nay, EXTRA amazing portfolio. Influences include Robert E. Howard, Fritz Leiber, Mike Mignola, John Buscema, Jeff Jones, Dave Stewart and Eric Canete along with some real old-timers...Frank Frazetta, Edgar Rice Burroughs, H.P. Lovecraft, Alphonse Mucha, Gil Elvgren, Robert McGinnis (hence the paperback covers.)

Since most of us will not be attending the next Sydney Australia Supanova, allow me to share a bit of this young illustrator's work while sharing the vintage sleaze books he was nice enough to create.

Peter's most extensive project to date is VALENTINE'S DEI which is a webcomic book and collaboration with writer Samantha J. Emery, who uses a typewriter (bless her) and keeps statistics on the number of typos. She also favors alliteration, which is de rigeur for the hard-boiled story she is writing. Together they make a strong and dangerous creative team as you will see. You HAVE to read the chapters of Valentine's Dei. It is a stunning collaboration, a mature work with original style. A hard-boiled female detective from the year 2060. The series has already won an award and I expect it will receive more.

'Valentine's Dei' and all related artwork, characters and storylines are copyright © 2010 S.J.Emery and P.J.Fairfax. All rights reserved.Any similarity to persons living or dead is purely coincidental. No unauthorised reproductions permitted, except for reviewing purposes.

Fairfax draws the comic in pencil and watercolor, using no ink, which gives it a wonderful look...a dark story line which floats on the page. It is a modern-day private detective pulp novel brought to life. Tough stuff and quite marvelous.

The creative process is shared on the site as well. Sammi writes the script. Once in hand Peter lays out rough panels, pencils the basics, does a first watercolor wash and then the detailed pencil work. Another wash, and a touch of photoshop editing. You'll want to browse his notes.

Valentine's Dei is updated frequently.



Peter J. Fairfax and Samantha J. Emery Sites and Info:
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