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Share but CREDIT

Stephen Adams Artist Cartoons and Comics for Contemporary Vintage Sleaze #14 in the Series


Stephen Adams is following in the footsteps of fetish illustrators like Eric Stanton (as if anyone could be "like" Eric Stanton) but he has his own path to follow as well. An illustrator and commercial artist working for a major publishing company, he studied art but learned as much from the comics. In particular Silver Age comics, but as you can see he is also deeply influenced by Little Annie Fannie. So who could be more appropriate for the Vintage Sleaze Contemporary Series?

Steve does a monthly strip and is a contributing editor for Safeword Magazine. The strip is called The Crop. I mean he REALLY does a strip...Bright, bold, lively, funny and professional as hell. Classic, quite extraordinary stuff. I guess one should expect good work from someone with two decades of drawing behind them, but still the work is surprising, with regular characters (including "Master Zinger" who bears a resemblance to a particular fetish illustrator of the past) and the lovely Miss Frolica Cage.

I am reminded of the illustrated fetish drawing sets which used to be available from Irving Klaw, but the humor here is more in line with Stantoons, though funnier and more light-hearted.

Mr. Adams blog is here, with numerous examples of his work, character sketches, work in progress and more.

Safeword is serious...an elegant and artist friendly magazine devoted to alternative lifestyles and the fine arts. It is adult, so don't visit unless you are, but it is a model for what an online magazine should be. Sophisticated and enveloping, it manages to create a whole world, and is obviously not just a print magazine trying to figure out how to transition to the web.

Stephen's paintings are something too, and you must take a look at his superheros. As you will see, not all his work fits into the sleaze category...but as he told me "my friend...if I had any trouble with being branded a sleaze I wouldn't be doing this comic strip!"

The Artist's Website is HERE

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If you are a cartoonist and/or artist and would like to participate in the Vintage Sleaze Contemporary Series, submit work to: j.winkel4@gmail.com