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Rebecca Whitaker Becca and Babes for Vintage Sleaze Contemporary #12 in the Series Vintage Sleaze Cartoon Comic Pin Ups

Rebecca Whitaker for Vintage Sleaze
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Another vintage sleaze book for the collection, and this one goes RIGHT into the mylar with an acid-free insert...MINT baby. Submitted to the Contemporary Vintage Sleaze Series by artist Rebecca Whitaker.

Rebecca Whitaker ("Becca") is the #12 profile our series, and she enters with bobby socks and high heels. Ms. Whitaker has obviously been schooled at the University of Bad Influence, but she is also a trained artist and well informed on the history of her craft.

When I first came across Becca's work, I thought to myself "why hasn't she found ME" as we clearly belong together in pinup heaven. I mean, please. Her biggest influences? Bettie Page and Russ Meyer! (Well...along with Chris Sanders of Lilo and Stich, Dan DeCarlo, Dean Yeagle and Jeff Smith. Not only that, Burne Hogarth! Anyone who can bandy about Burne Hogarth is welcome here permanently.

The best value in pinup art and comics today, and I kid you not, is Rebecca Whittaker. Want to plunge into collecting original cartoon art? Commission a drawing? Her Shop is HERE. She paints too and she's selling her work cheaper than Bill Ward did! Hasn't the minimum wage for sleaze artists gone up in the last 50 years?

When the art world uses the term "emerging artist" they mean "not yet expensive and not yet exploited." Becca is pinup-posed on the cusp of cartoon bigness. My financial rating is a strong "BUY" guys and gals. But Cowgirl on a Hobby Horse above? Mine! I just pulled the trigger.

"Becca Whitaker is an Illustrator/ pop culture junkie who wishes to be whisked away in the TARDIS by the 9th Doctor. She approves of William Shatner's singing career, adores Bettie Page & admires Isaac Asimov's wit."

The Artist's website is HERE
Becca's Art is available HERE

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