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Frank Beaven Humorama Cartoonist with TASTE The Story of Frank Beaven Vintage Sleaze Comics

I am a Frank Beaven fan, so I dug around a bit. My biggest find? A TREASURE!

Hilariously, Humorama cartoonist Frank Beaven was featured in a classy advertisement for Hunter Whiskey because he found a rare clock! They make no mention of Frank's profession as a gag artist, but there could only be one Frank Beaven in Allendale, New Jersey, and in fact I confirmed he was a big antiques collector. How about that? A Humorama artist with taste! The ad ran in the July 17, 1950 issue of Life Magazine. Beaven had done an ad ten years earlier for Schlitz Beer, so maybe he was tuned into the Madison Avenue shills and when word got around they needed a story for the "value" campaign, someone knew of Frank's big find.

The Chicago Spanking Review, of all places, has done some work figuring out Beaven's pseudonyms and signatures. There is a profile of him in Look Magazine June 27, 1944 which indicates "he cartoons and raises goats in New Jersey."
Mike Lynch turned up a brief profile (literally..a profile in which Frank's fluid lines form his nose) in Colliers. Good Work!

Frank did considerable work for Radio Craft Magazine. He must have tinkered with tubes (and racial stereotypes) as it was a regular gig and each cartoon he drew had a radio!

The most complete biographical information I can find on the artist comes from an article on his surviving wife, who moved to Florida after the artist sadly passed away with Lou Gehrig's Disease.

Franklin Newell Beaven was born in Vincennes, Indiana and graduated from a school famous for producing cartoonists, Wabash College. After marrying Elise Rosenborg in 1932, the couple moved to Staten Island, NY. Frank contributed to Jude, Captain Billy's Whiz Bang and the New Yorker. During WW II Beaven published "Halt" magazine for the armed forces, and he received numerous citations for his contributions to the war effort. After the war, the couple moved to Allendale, New Jersey. After he passed away, Elise moved to Florida where she reminised in the Daytona Beach Morning Journal of Feb 15, 1978 where I obtained the biographical information here.

The Fun Riot covers are from David Alexander Collectibles, but he has the artist's name spelled wrong.

Top Illustration Original Frank Beaven Cartoon from Joker Magazine 1963 Collection Victor Minx

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