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Share but CREDIT

Elizabeth Watasin Writer, Comic Artist, Illustrator and More! Contemporary Vintage Sleaze #13 in the Series


The Contemporary Vintage Sleaze contribution this week comes from a highly regarded illustrator and animator with roots planted in the house of Disney. (Moe Syzlak Whaaaa?) Yep! Elizabeth Watasin. Drawn from her memories of Sheena, Queen of the Jungle, her drawing above is titled "Sheena Among The Shiva Linga" and a wonderful, generous piece it is.

Elizabeth could fill ten posts, or at least thirteen...she worked on that many Walt Disney Feature Animation Films, and I'm not talking Steamboat Willie. I'm talking Beauty and The Beast, Aladdin, Lion King, and Princess and The Frog. You can see her IMDB profile HERE. Her credits are like browsing the rack at Blockbuster!

Elizabeth is a writer (author of Wit's World: Never Was) contributor (to Action Girl Comics among others) and comic book creator (The Adventures of A-Girl) Artist in bold font with capital A. Witness her work HERE on Charm School. Ground-breaking work seems to emerge from Elizabeth's mind and studio at a feverish pace. In purple, crimson, blonde and redhead! Ms. Watasin creates entire worlds...large imaginative worlds filled with fantasy, illusion and magic. Drawn or written, the super-heroines she admired in comic books as a child now spring from her own mind.

Like a broken clock, even Frederick Wertheim is right sometimes. Cartoonists often do hide secret little things in the panel. "Sheena among the Shiva Linga" contains a phrase you can look up yourself. The artist has also kindly provided her technique and rationale for the contribution HERE on the extraordinary blog A-Girl Studio.

Ms. Watasin is currently launching the young adult urban fantasy WIT'S WORLD: NEVER WAS. It is a lush, creative work of fiction and highly recommended...Check it out.

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If you are a cartoonist and/or artist and would like to participate in the Vintage Sleaze Contemporary Series, submit work to: j.winkel4@gmail.com