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Weider Arrested? The Muscle Man and the 18 inch Waist (Only in America) Vintage Sleaze

Barbell Joe Weider and his bouncing bride Betty Brosmer, Bro! What a PAIR. (I mean the couple, not Betty's Braless Brosmers.

Joe, of course, is the muscle-bound founder of Mr. Olympia and gained fame (and muscle) through his mega-successful bodybuilding magazines Muscle & Fitness, Men's Fitness and Shape. But way back, Joe had another way to "pump you up" and as you can see here they popped him for it!

Originally from Montreal, Canada, where they lift weights made from junked car wheels and axles, Joe soon had muscles everywhere but in between his ears. He built up, met Betty and overcame his puny Canadian Jewish background.

I used to drink his Tiger's Milk when I lifted. Loved it, still do and it works. It puts on pounds like fried chicken! Yes...this sensitive scribe was once a fitness freak, and I know the difference between a lat and an ab.

Anyway, not too many folks know Joe was a Smutster. As this undated and unidentified clip portends, Joe founded JEM in the 1950s to cash in on Hef's empire. Jem was stupid and now appears dated and slimy. But back then it only looked slimy to the law. Still, it wasn't obscene. Stupid? Yes, but not obscene.

"How to make your wife DO WHAT YOU WANT HER TO" "LEGALIZE WIFE SPANKING" Well...they forgave Arnold too. Sorta.

His better "half" was a full whole! Betty! (Shown here in red) OUCH she was something. You don't model on the cover of "MINX" unless you are one, and she was. She saw something in Joe and took him for her own.

It's been a long trip for the magic couple. Last weekend, at a neighborhood antique show, I found the magazine shown here last..."Modern Man." As the wizened dealer wrapped it for me, he looked at the cover and said "That's Betty Brosmer" as his hands shook. Even though she started modeling at age 13, She's still got it. By the way? Betty? 38-18-35.

Joe? You Devil.

Undated and unattributed News Clipping, late 1950s? Collection Victor Minx.