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Share but CREDIT

Trevor Alixopulos for Vintage Sleaze Contemporary #8 in the Vintage Sleaze Contemporary Art Series

This week's Vintage Sleaze Contemporary would fit right in a Sir or Adam magazine from the 1960s, but it comes from the pen of a modern and contemporary artist indeed.

Trevor Alixopulos

Which is funny, because he worried early on in the drawing stages it wasn't "vintage" enough! Pfft. It's PERFECT.
The piece fits right into the Humorama genre...nightclub girls, burlesque dancers, and strippers were as common a theme for the early guys as a grunt in a manhole peering up a skirt. If I listed the big guns who drew chorus girls, we'd be here all day. Classic stuff from a young guy.

Trevor certainly does not usually work in a vintage manner, and he is one of the most popular cartoonists at scenes that never would have occurred to the old-timers. Bookstores, Museum exhibitions and Conventions.
Trevor's work "The Hot Breath of War" is much-lauded and led to exhibitions at the The Cartoon Art Museum and the Charles Schulz Museum PLUS an Ignatz award nomination for Best Graphic Novel. It is a thoughtful and thought provoking examination of the relationship between war, peace, humanity and the individual. Mature themes for a young cartoonist, but that maturity is what often sets him apart from his contemporaries. He is able to convey big questions and provide big answers to the big dilemmas of his time...intimacy, trust, love and more.

Witness a panel from a recent work titled "Dance Craze" from the artist's official website. Grown up stuff, truthful, rendered with authority...and a long way from the gag he submitted above.

Reviews and Interviews with Trevor are easily found. They say Trevor Alixopolus works in the "autobio" genre. If so, he is one deep fella.

Now I know what you are wondering. Is he funny? HELL YES he is funny.

Trevor was kind enough not only to send the cartoon above, but mounted the work in progress HERE on his inviting "Haute Junk blog. Haute Junk is a good scroll indeed.

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