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An Eyeful of consumer disdain! Two issues, same cover, but one published 4 years after the other with entirely new content! Did they think the readers wouldn't notice? No wonder the notion of Deja Vu persists, it is perpetuated by purveyors of pinups! How cheap do you have to be to reuse the same cover twice? Robert Harrison cheap.

"You know...I think I've seen that dame before..."

They have no excuse, but Eyeful was quite a magazine. Seriously. Not only for the Bettie Page centerfolds they started running in the 1950s, but also because the owner, Robert Harrison, often featured HIMSELF in the photo spreads goofing with the gals! Harrison was also behind the notorious Confidential Magazine. That gossip rag made him a wealthy man, but during the Eyeful days things were tougher. So tough he had so drive the models out to a golf course in New Jersey and photograph them himself (where he was arrested.)

Harrison was a real sleazeball (An Eyeful TOWER of sleaze) but it was a handsome magazine. Big, bright and funny. Witness the photo he ran here of Bettie Page as Madame LaZonga.

However, he also had the sleazeballs to put a Hungarian actress (Ava) on the cover of a rag he claimed glorified "the AMERICAN girl."

Eyeful also used the talents of Peter Driben, one of the most famous "Good Girl Art" Cheescake artists. But the photo covers were obviously cheaper...and he could RUN THEM TWICE.

Eyeful Magazine December 1950, August 1954 Collection Victor Minx
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