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Denis St. John for Contemporary Vintage Sleaze #9 in the Series The Eyes Have It! Monsters and Girls Vintage Sleaze

Bettie Page by Denis St. John for Vintage Sleaze Contemporary Click to Enlarge

Remember horror comics? Dripping eyeballs and a craggily old man in suit tails leading you to the dungeon and story? Kefauver's worst dream? They are back and coming from the hand of Denis St. John.

Denis St. John was kind enough to draw a Bettie Page for the Contemporary Vintage Sleaze series. I believe Bettie has both eyeballs in their sockets, but it could be her eyelids are holding them in. Normally it is the guys who pop their eyes at Bettie anyway.

It is no mistake that I am using eyeball motifs to discuss Denis. They figure on the cover of his books which are available HERE on the I Know Joe Kimpel website. The books chronicle the adventures of Amelia (a heroine comfortable in a hoodie and holding a knife) and one of them comes with a glow-in-the-dark eyeball!

Denis St. John is highly admired by other cartoonists. They being the harshest critics, one should defer to them. Denis discusses his influences HERE on the Groovy Age of Horror site...Charles Burns, Richard Sala, Gahan Wilson. His stories are often driven by a MacGuffin or talisman, which means you might go back to ponder a page as you progress. He is also included in the 2010 book "Creating Comics!: 47 Master Artists Reveal the Techniques and Inspiration Behind Their Comic Genius"
published by Rockport and available at Amazon.

Denis has a handsome site HERE which chronicles his adventures as well as those of Amelia...It is all about Monsters and Girls, just the way it should be.

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