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Black Pinups Afro-Antics Number FIVE Bronze Thrills and the Hot Librarian Vintage Sleaze

Unfortunately, Bronze Thrills Magazine passed away. It has gone to pulp heaven or hell depending on your beliefs, but it no longer thrills. It was published by George Levitan, who under the corporate name of "Good Publishing Company" also put out Sepia. It started the same year as Ebony, but it came out of Texas. You can hardly find a picture of it today, though it had a good long run.

Eh...I'm not about lamenting the passing of good "urban orientated confession magazines" but I am about pinup girls. Especially LIBRARIAN pinup girls!

Here is the splendid write-up of cover model Frances Hamilton, hot fox, and May 1965 cover model!

"If you are ever in the New York area and wish to obtain a book, be sure to call on librarian Frances Hamilton at the local library. The beautiful miss graces the May 1965 cover of Bronze Thrills.
She stands 5 ft. 5in. tall and weighs only 129. She has curves that are all in the right places (35-24-37) and has countless hobbies. All sports and everything else that anyone enjoys, she enjoys. That way, you know she is not hard to please. Don't forget you will be looking for books!"


I'm not sure if her boss the head librarian was pleased with her pose next to a headline "BORN FOR HELL" but they do battle censorship...and of all the professions, librarian is one of the most noble.

Now 1965 was a hot year for civil rights and I can hardly imagine the racial climate in 1965 Texas...you may call this magazine pulp...I call it progress.

Bronze Thrills Magazine May 1965 issue Collection Victor Minx

Black Pinups Afro-Antics is a regular feature of Vintage Sleaze the Blog, this is the number 5. entry. The goal of the series is to tell stories and present a history neglected for too long...the Black Pinup.

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