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Black Pinups Afro-Antics #4 The Jet Calendar! Equality on the Gas Station Wall and Eyesight to the Blind Vintage Sleaze

The modern civil rights movement of the 1960s was one of the greatest events of the century. So was the modern woman's liberation movement ten years later. Unfortunately, equality at the time for African-American men also still meant they could be male chauvinistic pigs! Jet was there to supply Black-owned gas stations, barbershops and bedrooms with the Jet Calendar! Starting in 1964, the first year they were created, Jet has done 12 months of black babes.

Now I'm not quite sure I believe Jet when they claim here that "eager and often discreet male customers queued up at news stands across the nation." to buy it, but clearly there WAS a need. After all, part of the right of equality is the right to ogle.

Jet had always done Jet calendar Girls. They were a squeaky clean feature of the magazine on an annual basis, and it rivaled the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue in the negro community. As it became obvious it was one of the most popular features, they spun off a separate wall hanger to squeeze an extra hard-earned buck out of the brothers.

A few samples and tidbits about the calendars. They often threw in a lucky thirteenth model... Mr. Johnson just couldn't stop at twelve. Read the copy here..."And to show you superstition really "ain't" the way, we've included a lucky 13th lady for your periodic pleasure." Dudes? Stevie Wonder couldn't even see them!

In 2004 Jet produced a "Jet BROTHERS" calendar for the ladies! (or the guys on the Down-low) Now THAT is equality!

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