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Share but CREDIT

Vanessa Davis Contemporary Comics Vintage Sleaze #3 in the Series

The great Vanessa Davis character is herself, and as talented a cartoonist (and cook*) she is, to my knowledge she has not taken up pole dancing. As such this is an unusual and appreciated drawing. Ms. Davis can make "one-offs" when she wants. but I don't believe either they or her complicated narrative tales come easy. When she does finally have a story to tell, it comes quickly, directly and in natural flowing order with images bursting beyond the panels. You could say she is a natural who creates only when she has the perfect story to share.

Davis, good as she is, is not a daily cartoonist or gag writer. It is as if she is surprised when the inspiration comes, and then her genius spills verbatim, fresh and universal. She creates work which contains an equal dose of herself and humanity. A Harvey Peker who draws, but is a little more pleased with life and without his rancor.

Vanessa's latest adventure, just published in Tablet Magazine HERE is no less honest than ALL her work, and happens to detail her search for the perfect brassiere. It is thus another perfect Vanessa Davis tale...her story and that of a few million others. In just three pages, she manages to capture modern women, the current retail climate, lost traditions and all the joy and frustration of interacting with others. All in three pages.

The (so far) collected works of Vanessa Davis were published in Make Me a Woman by Drawn and Quarterly in 2010. (And placed on NPR's Best Comics and Graphic Novels of 2010 list) Her website contains generous amounts of her art, links to publications, a portfolio and much more.

* Not sexist...she IS a good cook, and her mini-cookbook is available HERE.

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