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Black Pinups of Jet Afro-Antics #2 Jet Magazine Girls vintage sleaze

No joke this time...

Praise Jet Magazine. PRAISE Jet Magazine. Started in 1951 and printed in a country which denied their readers rights, dignity and humanity. Could an African-American feel at home in their own country in the 1950s? Jet did the impossible...it created a community, informed a community and advocated for a community lost and struggling in their own place. The impact and role of this little pocket-sized periodical can not be overstated.

Simply browse the 70 years of covers HERE and you will get a small understanding as well as a history lesson.
Jet did more than inform. At a time when Black was not considered beautiful it proved the opposite. More than beautiful. Human and EQUAL and beautiful.

Jet Publisher John H. Johnson and Playboy publisher Hugh Hefner grew up in Chicago at the same time. The market for Playboy was every man. The market for Jet was 1/10th the size.

For our purposes here, it is of course the women we are interested in. Now Jet was prudish by most standards to be sure. They had the responsibility of uplifting and informing. A big responsibility for a small magazine. They succeeded by draping their models and using the best. While Hefner was stripping the bunnies uptown, Johnson was respecting the sisters downtown. In one of the very first issues, they chastised New York Camera Club operator Cass Carr for taking nude photographs of "Negro chorus girls and singers...as well as a number of pretty girls from Harlem..." The modern negro woman was beautiful, proper...just like us!

"The Jet Girls" were attractive Black women. Not sleazy and not nude. But they were there, and that is more than we can say for nearly every other publication of the time.

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