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Share but CREDIT

Antonio Lapone for Vintage Sleaze Contemporary #4 in the Series of Contemporary Artists and Cartoonists

Vintage Sleaze Contemporary is proud to have a submission from Antonio Lapone, one of the best known and recognizable cartoon and graphic novel stylists working today. An Italian artist currently working in Belgium, he was kind enough to send a bold red "telephone girl" for this series. Internationally recognized, Lapone has devised a modern and masterly illustration style with sharp angles and a sensibility of the past...romantic but tough. His work has been described as "Modern Art Deco" but I see more of the 1950s. His portfolio, which moves from high comic art to commercial projects with ease, includes the books Girl Atomik, The Antique Detective Agency series and more recently Accords Sensibles. Lapone has done advertising, short stories, collaborations and even work for Disney.

The artist is heavily influenced by jazz, glamour, romance and appropriately enough for this site, tough dames! Bright, vivid, lively and remarkable work.

A new interview with the artist appears HERE on the Klare Iijn International website, you can select a "translate this page" option to learn more about Lapone on numerous international sites.

The artist Antoino Lapone has a beautiful (and far too modest) website and blog HERE.

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If you are a cartoonist and/or artist and would like to participate in the Vintage Sleaze Contemporary Series, submit work to: j.winkel4@gmail.com