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Share but CREDIT

Gary Panter Vintage Sleaze Contemporary #2 in the Series

Is Gary Panter an unlikely master? He emerged from the early West Coast Punk Rock scene (you have seen the logo he created for the The Screamers a dozen times without knowing it) to designing most of the graphics and images we associate today with the Pee Wee Herman show. His cartoon figure Jimbo is one of the most recognizable characters of the "post-nuclear" modern comic period, and his work for the ground-breaking Raw Comics is legendary. A Three time Emmy award winner! His resume is extensive, filled with both "low" and "high" art achievements, including his inclusion in the landmark Museum of Contemporary Art LA "Masters of American Comics" exhibit which toured. A 700 page monograph of his work was published in 2008.
As I have followed Mr. Panter's career for a good long while, (From sneaking into his Playhouse installation at an upscale NYC hotel to attending a small light show he created with shadows in a storefront gallery) I am particularly pleased to include his work in the Vintage Sleaze Contemporary series.

Gary Panter's Website is state of the art. His biography includes downloadable fine and commercial art accomplishments, the paintings and comics are of course fascinating, and his shop includes everything from mini-comics and "rubber novelties" to limited editions, music, drawings and much more.

If you would like to participate in the Vintage Sleaze Contemporary Series, submit work to: j.winkel4@gmail.com

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