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Hal Sherman Gag Cartoon Cocktail Napkins (Do Not Confuse!) Vintage Sleaze

Hal Sherman! 1958 cocktail napkin Nudeniks! The term caught on... Time Magazine used it to refer to the films of Russ Meyer in 1961. Today it seems to mean folks who walk around el-boffo at the beach and in some cases even city streets...San Francisco in particular (which must be no coincidence...the cocktail napkins here originated from there.)

Cartoon and Animation legend Gene Deitch drew "Nudniks" in the mid 1960s, do not confuse your Nudeniks (fat bald men in pink gawking at younger women by Hal Sherman) with your Nudniks! A nudnik is a noun which refers to a nagging, irritating person, not a pink group of sun worshipers.

Hal Sherman also worked for Man's Daring, an adventure pulp where his two-page spreads of sexist cartoons were called "Daring Cartoons" and (of course) Humorama ran some of his single panel works around the same time. I would like to credit
MensPulpMags.com for this information and the splendid illustration below...What a site THEY have. REAL men in bright, crispy pulp colors!

There was a comic book way back when called "Mr. Doode" credited to Hal Sherman, but I can not be sure this is the same fellow. Likewise, a "Silly Situations" series ran in Spectre comic books in 1941 credited to Hal (or Harold) Sherman as well as a few pieces in More Fun Comics and New Comics...real early comic books. Lambiek.net the comic book masters, identify a Hal Sherman with the real name of Harold Sicherman who I believe is the same fellow who did Mr. Doode. Whether Mr. Sicherman is in fact the creator of Nudeniks remains to be seen.