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Vintage Sleaze Glamorous Life of a Figure Model

I'm still busy working on a project, major announcement within the week. Until then, enjoy this group of postcards from an a solid state something maker. Isn't modeling exciting? Photos are to show the dimensions...OF THE EQUIPMENT.

Set of Industrial Promotional Postcards circa 1960 Collection Victor Minx

Vintage Sleaze Striptease Soap!

Who says vintage sleaze is dirty? Presenting Striptease Soap, with 6 strip scenes to every bar! "The more you wash, the more you see!" I think the trick is to use it until JUST before the bones start showing through. I swear...after we won world war two and converted the Japanese factories to producing novelty items instead of weapons, they must have thought we were insane. We are.

Striptease Novetly Soap Made in Japan circa 1950 Collection Victor Minx

Vintage Sleaze of Nearly Kinky Kirk Stiles Kartoonist

"Comic Success Secrets: A Tribute to 30 years of Cartoonist Profiles" by Jud Hurd published in 2004 has Hank Ketchum briefly remembering Kirk Stiles as an "old-timer" wandering New York City dropping off work at various publishers. As he had a cartoon reproduced in a 1949 anthology of Reader's Digest wit and humor, I guess "old-timer" is apt...and he had a cartoon run in "Fiction Parade and Golden Book Magaine" way back in 1936! I find another cartoon of his in American Magazine from 1956, one in Colliers magazine...Lawrence Lariar ran one of his panels in his "Best Cartoons of the Year" in 1947. You get the idea. But good gags live forever (at least the ones showing a woman being spanked seemingly) and Popular Jokes was still reprinting at least one of them as late as 1977, but clearly it was drawn decades earlier.

At his seemingly most productive period Kirk lived in Saugerties, New York. The drawing here is dated 1961...could Kirk have lived there long enough to survive the Woodstock concert held virtually in his backyard? There was someone named Kirk Stiles offering to teach painting in Miami in 1976...was Kirk a snowbird who retired to the sunshine state to teach others the secrets of sleaze? Maybe the hippies drove him to it. I do not know...but possible.

At any rate, here is a splendid cartoon gag utilizing what has become the always funny "Al Bundy, Shoe Salesman" motif! Printed in the October 1961 issue of Gee Whiz, and reprinted at least once 8 years later. Some nice touches for those with the standard fetishistic inclinations...a high-heel shoe perched on a display stand, long black gloves, a damsel on the floor. Only the frustrated Gomer/Bundy attempting to shoehorn her a spike makes this funny, not kinky.

Original Gag Drawing 1961 collection Victor Minx

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Vintage Sleaze "Boys, You Got to WRITE them to GET Them"

Complete Nifty Notes Illustrated Stationary and Envelopes set, circa 1940 with folding cover No Date, No Indicated Artist circa 1940 Collection Victor Minx


Vintage Sleaze New York Unexpurgated Book Review from the Past

New York Unexpurgated: an amoral guide for the jaded, tired, evil, non-conforming, corrupt, condemned, and the curious, humans and otherwise, to underground Manhattan by Petronius [pseudonym]
New York: Matrix House, 1966

The 1966 book New York Unexpurgated by Petronius (Pseudonym) is essential reading for any sleazy libertine, especially for one with a time- machine. Now nearly fifty years and one Guliani old, let us call this volume slightly out of date.

It is, however, as funny and entertaining today as it was in the 1960s, when it was an irreverent bible for Hookers, Johns, Peepers, Dirty Old Men, Women on the Prowl and more...any deviation from the norm receive their own chapter. Ahh, New York City...before it was cleaned up, it was dirty and perfect.

A directory, guidebook, travelogue and advice book. I checked for the La Plume singles publication i just wrote about...yup...there it is, right on page 222 under "Bizarre, Registries, Mailing Lists, Friendship clubs. So he did his homework. And not only where to hook-up with the partner of your (brief) dreams...Petronius will tell you where to buy two-way mirrors, a vanity press for vipers (i.e. they'll print anything, no questions asked) Zip Guns, Where to enroll for a Gigolo training course, The best places to find a corpse (doorways along the Bowery in late afternoons) illegal cockfights (which rotate among restaurants named "EL" something) furs for fetishists, nude figure models, torture equipment and more. If you can imagine (or can't) a proclivity the book will tell you where to go within the borders of the city. He even refers you right down to the used magazine store where orgy invitations are hidden among the stacks of old Popular Mechanics magazines. To think, all just a cab ride away!

Where to pick up anything moving and bring it home. legal bars, Illegal bars, gay bars, dyke bars, bars with belly dancers, strip shows, singles bars and all described with wit you won't find on travelocity. How to identify a plain-clothes cop. Where to "peep" and where to go if you want to be "peeped" at. Which public phones are tapped. Where to buy an eye-patch after midnight. No less than 15 lesbian bars are reviewed, and if you need a place to make-out with anyone or anything, the darkest corners and best places trucks shield light are identified.

Said to be a pseudonym for Hungarian but British born novelist, journalist, scriptwriter and psychical researcher Paul Tabori. Other names he published under include Christopher Stevens and Paul Tabor. He lived in New York for several years. In 1966 was a visiting professor at Fairleigh Dickinson University, and the following year at the City College of New York. He authored 32 feature films and over 100 television films and plays. He also, literally, chased ghosts.

The book is, of course, out of print. However, as you can imagine, it sold faster than slices of pizza when it came out, so used copies cost less than one slice today.


Vintage Sleaze at the Movies (Just add Fingers)

Novelty Postcard with Finger Holes No Date Collection Victor Minx

Blaze Starr Self-Portrait The Stripper who Could Draw Her Own COMIC STRIP! Blaze Starr Vintage Sleaze

Fannie Belle Fleming was born in 1932 and is still showing her gems. This will become clearer as you read. Blaze Starr, Fannie's stage name, (Yes...THAT Blaze Starr) drew the splendid self-portrait above(!) I own an actual hand-drawn self-portrait by Blaze Starr. A woman I can not cover in a mere paragraph. Unless, that is, I were only to report the prominent men she is said to have entertained. At any rate, the drawing (which is a little prize AND a gem) isn't too bad! There are plenty of actual photographs of Ms. Starr on the web and you can compare yourself.

Few achieve the fame or notoriety in any field like Blaze. How many have lived to see their life told in a film with Paul Newman playing both the Governor of Louisiana and your LOVER? How many are photographed by DIANE ARBUS? How many survive leaving home at 15, rape attempts, working for the mob yet sleep with the nation's most handsome president? Blaze herself once claimed JFK left a meeting on the Cuban Missile crisis to entertain her, so she was also a national hero. The stress, you know. We came THIS close!

The "hottest" stripper ever, Blaze had the right name. For a time, she worked on stage with a prop-rigged couch which would explode into flames as she undressed. In even the short film she did with Irving Klaw, the set is so hot she has to fan her underarms while on camera. It's cute. (Buxom Beautrease) Blaze was a 38D when she started stripping, a 40D in later years and still making 5 grand a week when she finally retired.

So the Gems? Well, what do strippers do when they stop stripping? Blaze became a gemologist and a good one! In fact, she will sell you some jewelry! I'm not kidding! HERE is the legend's website, and you can pick the one you want. Earrings start at less than 25 bucks, and a necklace only a bit more.

This drawing, however, is NOT for sale. It is in the Vintage Sleaze Vault. But I would not be surprised if she would draw one for you.

Blaze Starr is currently appearing in the new documentary "Behind the Burly Q" directed by Leslie Zemeckis (yes...that Zemeckis)

Self-Portrait by Blaze Starr Collection Jim Linderman

Vintage Sleaze Halloween Costume WINNER (Bring the Pole)

In order to give you all time for picking your costumes, I present the winner of the Vintage Sleaze Halloween costume! Devil horns are readily available at your local Wal-Mart unless they think them inappropriate and have banned them...if so, try the Mom and Pop store next door Wal-mart tried to put out of business. Don't forget to carry a pole with you...a stripper pole is de rigeur and will give your costume cachet. For that try Home Depot. Devil Girl seems to be dancing for only one patron...who is barely satisfying the two-drink-minimum with a bottled water which probably cost twenty bucks. That figures out to about one hour of his wages, and I wouldn't be surprised it he clocked in a full eight hour day after his "lunch" here watching the devil wiggle her tail.

Original Photograph, circa 1990 Collection Victor Minx

Vintage Sleaze Midnight Ramble at Noon (WAY too Soon)

Child labor laws seem not to have applied to carnival sideshow grinds during the 1930s as this photograph attests. The young dancer can not be much more than 16, but I guess it is hard to tell. She certainly doesn't quite match up to the painted silhouette on the barker's stand...for one thing her hands are hardly thrown up in joy. It is quite rare to see a photo of a dancing girl (literally) taken during the daytime at even the sleaziest carnival...but one "H. H." has done just that. Girl shows of this nature are as old as the carnival itself, but they frequently took place at night after most patrons (and the law, who was frequently paid off) went home. Hence the name "Midnight Ramble. In this case, they should have been checking ID around lunchtime. A young hoofer to be sure, but to me, a bit too young. Show business of any kind is hard despite the facade of glamour...this photo shows an underside not often (or easy) to see.

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Original Snapshot circa 1930 Collection Jim Linderman

Vintage Sleaze Relatives with NO SHAME Check In...THANKS

I have received several notes of late from living relatives of the folks I have been profiling. It is always flattering, gives me a sense of "my work has been done" and much to my surprise, all have been very complimentary! Even my often tongue in cheek humor seems appreciated. Thank you all very much! Your relatives work added plenty of humor and joy to what was (and is) a pretty rough place, and in most cases they received virtually no appreciation and very little financial reward. And then the Women's movement came along and killed their business! Some have sent original information and material they will allow me to post, so look forward that. Any other help out there? Do not be shy...stand up for your libertine ustabees!!! Send a comment if you have ANY information on the artists being profiled here. Thanks! Until then, not to worry...I'll keep digging out the facts and innuendo.

Hill Crest Restaurant "On the Square" Van Buren, Ohio Trade Card Artist Unknown No date, circa 1940? Collection Victor Minx

Homer Provence Vintage Sleaze Humorama Homerific Gags to make you Gag!

Finding a cartoon by "HOMER" is easy. Finding anything about Homer Provence, however, is not. I do know he lived at one time in, of all places, Yuma, Arizona. His birth and death is reported as 1919-1975, but I'm afraid a trip to Yuma to browse microfilm is not in my deck of cards.

What I can find is that Homer Provence was a journeyman, and if being prolific was a qualification for "master" he would be there. He was better than most, frequently employing sophisticated shading and an accomplished line.

Homer was responsible for Burp! a book co-written with Hardy Rowland, (Capitol Publications 1945) which is characterized as falling under the category of "Etiquette-Anecdotes, satire" by the UK version of Amazon. Which would mean it is a horrible not funny book about Burping, I guess Homer drew the burps and Hardy wrote the gags. You can be assured whatever it was, it is hopelessly out of print. Burp! has been usurped by more recent gag books about belching.

Most notably Homer worked on the Dennis the Menace series in the 1960s and in fact Hank Ketchum singled him out for thanks in his biography, but only briefly.

He also contributed to the daily feature "Famous Fables" edited by E. E. Edgar which apparently ran in a few newspapers, but Homer might not have been the only cartoonist who worked on it. I've found references to Famous Fables as early as 1943. E. E. Edgar has faded bad...his column seems to have been a mixture of tall tales and genuine fact...laced with kooky drawings.

A working cartoonist sells where he can. Homer's work appears everywhere from the professional trade journal Medical Economics in 1958, and the next year in Road and Track magazine!

Curiously, Homer's work has been picked up by the spanking crowd, as he did draw numerous examples with an upturned fanny. However, they are isolated examples, and his themes actually ran the whole gamut from girl gags to girl gags!

One other thing we know about Homer Provence...he wasn't a Homersexual. He also wasn't very funny, I am sorry to say. Unfortunate that, as it would have been wonderful to have TWO funny Homers in the world.

Homer Provence Original Drawing Front and Back (detail) Collection Jim Linderman

Janine of Utopia Magazines Female Al Hirschfeld of the Sleazy Kind Vintage Sleaze

I would have credited these drawings to an anonymous artist known only as "Janine" (who drew work for the sleazy Utopia magazine "Fads and Fancies" a British fetish magazine in the late 1940s and early 1950s) had it not been for the work of British writer Steve Holland. The work was done by a woman all right, but Janine wasn't her real name. Utopia was printing material remarkably similar to Nutrix and Irving Klaw, and at roughly the same time. Utopia also apparently ran into legal problems as well. Not surprising given the times, though what I have seen is tame (if odd) compared to the raunch available today in any Manga story. Consequently, the Utopia publications are apparently scarce and highly collectible today. Under her real name Reina Bull (and maiden name Reina Sington) she (yes, SHE) did numerous illustrations for British pulp books, science fiction and mystery covers, some quite notable. I believe she also did some childrens illustration, which might have something to do with the reason for her pseudonym "Janine" used while illustrating the fluctuating line of Utopia low-core, high-sleaze magazines in the late 1940s.

Janine had an incredible, unique, eccentric and curious style likely developed to cater to the audience. Particular parts of the plump participants protrude depending on the proclivities she wished to portray. Which is an alliterated way of saying big boobs and big butts. Kinky and unreal, but then certainly enticing to the readers who must have been "big" fans (pun intended.) To the rest of us, they look hilarious...Dolly Parton on Steroids!
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Those Brits! I was familiar with the affinity towards big'uns because of the notable "Page 3 Girls" in what passes for journalism across the pond...but here they were being drawn by a woman 50 years earlier and circulated underground. At times her work looks like demented Al Hirschfeld. You'll find yourself looking for the hidden "NINAS" in the folds of flesh! I believe Janine, or Reina also did some serial work such as "The Adventures of Delia" as by one "Aubrey Lamonte." This dame had more fake names than I do!

Truly remarkable stuff, and as far as I am concerned a major discovery. By all means read Steve Holland's research HERE and if you can contribute any more information on the artist let him know.

Images from "Fads and Fancies" Number 2 Utopia Publication 1950 Collection Victor Minx
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Vintage Sleaze Feet Tell an All Familiar Tale Novelty Wheel Toy and a Source of Marital Conflict

Well, I guess most women can identify with this little novelty, which under the guise of a dirty little toy pretty much reflects a reality all too familiar. The "wheel of sex" takes the viewer through a typical night in a typical household, circa 1920. The whole event lasts 15 minutes, but I suspect even that is inflated. I mean, hey, we're TIRED. I don't think things have changed much since this little fella was created.

Scanning the little thing actually took me longer than what was reported by 17.6% of men below! Data courtesy Kinsey. Untitled spinning toy courtesy Victor Minx!

Erotic Novelty, no publication date or marks Circa 1920 Collection Victor Minx

Length of Coitus:
17.6% of males reported ejaculation less than 2 minutes after intromission
47.6% less than five minutes in coitus in first marriage
22.9% claimed to have lasted 10 or more minutes, (Table 324, p. 373 Kinsey Data, College Sample).
22.8% of females reported reaching climax less than 2 minutes after intromission
52.6% less than five minutes in coitus in first marriage
19% claimed to have lasted 10 or more minutes, (Table 324, p. 373 Kinsey Data, College Sample)
In the discussion of marital coitus in the Male volume, Kinsey speculated that for perhaps three-fourths of all males, orgasm was reached within 2 minutes after initiation of coitus, and reported this as a frequent source of marital conflict (p. 580, Male).

La Plume Moe Shapiro Unusual Slime Rag for Singles Becomes Computer Font The Greasy Graphics of La Plume Vintage Sleaze

A pastiche of perversion! In the world lying even deeper than the underground sociologists live for lies the cribbed, cropped and crude correspondence crud for the connoisseur of the unusual. At least, it did...circa 1965. La Plume was indeed a subscription item for personal ads the likes of which you'll now, I suppose, find on the web without having to walk to your post office box, and it was apparently produced by Moe Shapiro.

Certainly this isn't a book you'd have mailed directly to your house, would you? I would love to say the personals pictures are "out of this world" but they are not...they are clearly of the world and an odd one indeed. But then the world is full of all kinds and until the water rises to biblical proportions, there is room for all.

La Plume appears to have published for a few years out of Brooklyn. The graphics here are taken from issue number 7, and it was, I believe, a gambit...the publishers would sell you the names and address of folks for fifteen bucks...but would you file a complaint if none were forthcoming? I would have loved to see the mail which was directed to their P.O box.

La Plume was also the name of a hoity-toity french publication with Alfred Mucha Art Nouveau illustrations on the cover. Do not get them confused!

The graphics, as are typical, were stolen from who knows where. I recognize a Bilbrew Bearded man, but I certainly do not think work was commissioned. That's a problem for an illustrator working out of the backroom of a 42nd Street Storefront...and a cash operation it was.

Most interesting of all...the TYPE FONT has been lifted and is available for PURCHASE from Font Brothers! They have retitled the perverted print of La Plume to a hipster modern font named "Impersonal"...the nerve! See HERE and below! Jeez...if only Moe knew.

by E-phemera Fonts
Only $19.95

About: This monospaced typewriter font is a detailed replica of letters appearing in La Plume, a 1950s personal ads magazine. The magazine billed itself as "The correspondence medium devoted to the connoisseur of the ‘unusual’."

La Plume "The Correspondence Medium Devoted to the Connoisseur of the "unusual" Volume 7 circa 1966 (no date) 24 page printed and stapled pamphlet Collection Victor Minx