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Unseen Eric Stanton Drawings The Confiscated Book Virgins Come High Vintage Sleaze

Eric Stanton Illustrations not seen for over 50 years and then only published in a book entitled "Virgins Come High" which likely only exists in a dozen or so copies. That is my guess, but you certainly will not find it on Amazon. This book is one for which a Milwaukee man was prosecuted and convicted of obscenity for attempting to sell in his bookstore. Note he did not even display the book for sale...he was arrested as he signed for the shipment of books from New York.

Do they seem somewhat tame today? Ayup...and the bookseller, who was fined and given jail time, never received a pardon!

I personally know of only five copies of the book, and four were confiscated in Milwaukee in 1957. A 95 page book with absolutely nothing more obscene than a PG film, if that! I would love to hear from anyone who has a copy other than this one. The story is told in the new book The Thousand Dollar Book: Smut and the Milwaukee Arrest for Obscenity 1957.

Interestingly, the book itself has something as "obscene" as an encounter in a haystack, and one of the characters is named "Ed Begely" (!!!) Now THAT is sexy.

Eric Stanton Illustrations from "Virgins Come High" by "H. Tennob" No date, No publisher, 95 pages. Circa 1956-1957 Collection Victor Minx

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