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Ricki Covette World's TALLEST Burlesque Dancer Vintage Sleaze Legs

Whoa, stand back! All 6 feet and 8 inches of Ricki. If you have ever said you are a "leg man" this is your dream come true (in true amazon form.) Jeepers! For some reason, the song "Climb Every Mountain" comes to mind. Now women do go taller...I did extensive research and "looked up" (pun intended) to find some taller, but they didn't stretch out at the nightclub. I would say she is a tall drink of water, but there was probably a two drink minimum, one for each leg!

Ricki was Canadian...born in Onaway, Alberta. She made her fame south of the Canadian border dancing for the Gypsy Rose Lee touring revue. She did well...Billboard Magazine in 1959 reported her being the number one "money-getter" at the Kansas State Fair, and you have to consider she was probably competing against prize-winning bulls and giant squash. Her act was apparently 15 minutes "long" and if it involved taking off her stockings, the show might have run overtime.

Now get this...Ricki toured with her Chihuahua dog named "Gee Whiz" and got to her shows in a station wagon. She weighed 158 pounds (so she was skinny in addition to TALLER THAN EVEREST! Ricki was billed as, among other things, "The World's tallest Glamazon" and "The Tower of Power" while performing on stage. She did some legitimate theater on Broadway as well.