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Vintage Sleaze New York Unexpurgated Book Review from the Past

New York Unexpurgated: an amoral guide for the jaded, tired, evil, non-conforming, corrupt, condemned, and the curious, humans and otherwise, to underground Manhattan by Petronius [pseudonym]
New York: Matrix House, 1966

The 1966 book New York Unexpurgated by Petronius (Pseudonym) is essential reading for any sleazy libertine, especially for one with a time- machine. Now nearly fifty years and one Guliani old, let us call this volume slightly out of date.

It is, however, as funny and entertaining today as it was in the 1960s, when it was an irreverent bible for Hookers, Johns, Peepers, Dirty Old Men, Women on the Prowl and more...any deviation from the norm receive their own chapter. Ahh, New York City...before it was cleaned up, it was dirty and perfect.

A directory, guidebook, travelogue and advice book. I checked for the La Plume singles publication i just wrote about...yup...there it is, right on page 222 under "Bizarre, Registries, Mailing Lists, Friendship clubs. So he did his homework. And not only where to hook-up with the partner of your (brief) dreams...Petronius will tell you where to buy two-way mirrors, a vanity press for vipers (i.e. they'll print anything, no questions asked) Zip Guns, Where to enroll for a Gigolo training course, The best places to find a corpse (doorways along the Bowery in late afternoons) illegal cockfights (which rotate among restaurants named "EL" something) furs for fetishists, nude figure models, torture equipment and more. If you can imagine (or can't) a proclivity the book will tell you where to go within the borders of the city. He even refers you right down to the used magazine store where orgy invitations are hidden among the stacks of old Popular Mechanics magazines. To think, all just a cab ride away!

Where to pick up anything moving and bring it home. legal bars, Illegal bars, gay bars, dyke bars, bars with belly dancers, strip shows, singles bars and all described with wit you won't find on travelocity. How to identify a plain-clothes cop. Where to "peep" and where to go if you want to be "peeped" at. Which public phones are tapped. Where to buy an eye-patch after midnight. No less than 15 lesbian bars are reviewed, and if you need a place to make-out with anyone or anything, the darkest corners and best places trucks shield light are identified.

Said to be a pseudonym for Hungarian but British born novelist, journalist, scriptwriter and psychical researcher Paul Tabori. Other names he published under include Christopher Stevens and Paul Tabor. He lived in New York for several years. In 1966 was a visiting professor at Fairleigh Dickinson University, and the following year at the City College of New York. He authored 32 feature films and over 100 television films and plays. He also, literally, chased ghosts.

The book is, of course, out of print. However, as you can imagine, it sold faster than slices of pizza when it came out, so used copies cost less than one slice today.