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Janine of Utopia Magazines Female Al Hirschfeld of the Sleazy Kind Vintage Sleaze

I would have credited these drawings to an anonymous artist known only as "Janine" (who drew work for the sleazy Utopia magazine "Fads and Fancies" a British fetish magazine in the late 1940s and early 1950s) had it not been for the work of British writer Steve Holland. The work was done by a woman all right, but Janine wasn't her real name. Utopia was printing material remarkably similar to Nutrix and Irving Klaw, and at roughly the same time. Utopia also apparently ran into legal problems as well. Not surprising given the times, though what I have seen is tame (if odd) compared to the raunch available today in any Manga story. Consequently, the Utopia publications are apparently scarce and highly collectible today. Under her real name Reina Bull (and maiden name Reina Sington) she (yes, SHE) did numerous illustrations for British pulp books, science fiction and mystery covers, some quite notable. I believe she also did some childrens illustration, which might have something to do with the reason for her pseudonym "Janine" used while illustrating the fluctuating line of Utopia low-core, high-sleaze magazines in the late 1940s.

Janine had an incredible, unique, eccentric and curious style likely developed to cater to the audience. Particular parts of the plump participants protrude depending on the proclivities she wished to portray. Which is an alliterated way of saying big boobs and big butts. Kinky and unreal, but then certainly enticing to the readers who must have been "big" fans (pun intended.) To the rest of us, they look hilarious...Dolly Parton on Steroids!
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Those Brits! I was familiar with the affinity towards big'uns because of the notable "Page 3 Girls" in what passes for journalism across the pond...but here they were being drawn by a woman 50 years earlier and circulated underground. At times her work looks like demented Al Hirschfeld. You'll find yourself looking for the hidden "NINAS" in the folds of flesh! I believe Janine, or Reina also did some serial work such as "The Adventures of Delia" as by one "Aubrey Lamonte." This dame had more fake names than I do!

Truly remarkable stuff, and as far as I am concerned a major discovery. By all means read Steve Holland's research HERE and if you can contribute any more information on the artist let him know.

Images from "Fads and Fancies" Number 2 Utopia Publication 1950 Collection Victor Minx
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