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Vintage Sleaze Magic Mystic Stripper Glasses Punchboard

Father of the lottery and close cousin to Bingo, Punchboards usually featured cash prizes and were often distributed by the mob. In fact, Jack Ruby is probably the most (in)famous punchboard seller (!) Many states outlawed their use, even in the promotion of products such as these "Mystic Glasses" which through the miracle of physics would make the "girls so warm they dress and undress before your eyes." See my published books

At their peak of popularity, legal or illegal, it is estimated 50 million punchboards were sold in 1939 alone. Want to know more? Punchboard.com will tell you the history and tip you off as to value and such should you find some in Gramp's trunk. Make sure to see the site's collection of Pinup cards in the photo gallery, in particular the "Worm's Eye View" board which shows a slug crawling on the ground but looking straight up a skirt! What better collectable than one which involved crime, larceny, graft AND skirts?

A Mystic Glass was a temperature run strip show, and close relative to the "nudie pen" which drops an ink skirt when you turn the device over. They are also knows as floaty pens.

This card not only features glasses with 6 "daring poses" the push marks are named for the times. i sure would like some of that "Flora, Tessie, Theda, Vera, Clara and Edith" action.

Mystic Glasses Punchboard, circa 1930 Collection Victor Minx