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Vic Martin Curvy Cartoon Vintage Sleaze (The BUF Pervy Penman who ruined Little Orphan Annie)

Cartoonist Vic Martin was obviously from "The Greatest Generation" as the phrases you'll find when looking up his work are "Infantry Humor, Army Fun, Private Dopey, Khaki Capers, G.I Joe" and the like. After the war, Vic became a beatnik and drew for Magna. He also published in Sick Magazine and anyplace he could. Work appeared in crappy paperback anthology volumes like "Words Fail Me" and "Bookends." In other words, whoever would pay him. A Journeyman.

Later in the 1970s Vic drew a series for sleazy Wildcat Magazine called "Wildcatman." He also had some work published in nylon magazines like Black Satin.
For a time Vic even drew LITTLE ORPHAN ANNIE! But not very well...The Lakeland Ledger of February 24, 1974 quotes an editor of the Annie syndicate saying "What do I think of Martin's style? Eucchh!" Later a cab driver says "Have you seen what they have done to Orphan Annie? She looks like she's being drawn by a vegetable." You don't put reviews like that on your resume. How many people will go down in history as the guy who ruined Little Orphan Annie?

Vic Martin's women were always round and curvy. They got even rounder and more curvy later in his life. His last work, as near as I can tell, was drawing the "Joy Gorge" and "Titanic Tina" strips for BUF Magazine. Tina was, well...Gigundo. I believe the vernacular for fans of this magazine is "fatty chasers" but I like to think of them as just being ahead of their time...have you checked the average size and weight charts for Americans lately? Today Vic's women would be average. BUF officially stood for "Big Up Front" but in their short history they went to big behind then to big everything. Let me tell you, I learned about more than comics while researching Vic. The folks who read BUF and Titanic Tina were "big" on acronyms and "big on big." BBW I knew...but there are Big Beautiful EVERYTHINGS. There aren't enough letters in the English language to accommodate all the BB things these fans of folds favor! You can see some of Vic's work for BUF on the Dimensions Magazine site but it is for grownups.

In November 1995, BUF ran an article titled "A tribute to Vic Martin" which leads me to believe he left the planet around then. The artistic legacy of Vic Martin may be best summarized by his auction records. In 2005 when an original work of his sold...the description read "Interacial Busty GGA" I guess that would be a BBBBW GGA.