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Vintage Sleaze Russ Meyer The EARLY Years as a Glamour Photographer Unsung Hero of Photography

No site devoted to sleaze of any kind can ignore Russ Meyer, but what can you aDD? That the legendary film maker has particular tastes is well-known, and why not? He worked with some of the "biggest" stars in Hollywood, and I am not talking about Roger Ebert. We have learned to love them all.

Tura Satana, Kitten Natividad...he turned tough busty broads into cultural icons and inadvertently became a feminist by virtue of his early depiction of female empowerment, even if they were hardly role models. After all, Gloria Steinhem never drove over an old man in a wheelchair, a scene from Faster Pussycat, Kill Kill! (a masterpiece of film editing which makes the shower scene in Psycho seems tedious) He was also the most auteur of all the auteurs. Not only writing, shooting, directing and distributing his films, he owned them...right up to the end which made him a wealthy man.

But how many know Mr. Meyer was an accomplished photographer? 

Lord knows a considerable bounce is essential to his films, but he worked "still" as well. In his early career as a photographer, Meyer shot no less than three Playboy centerfolds, did the still photographs for the James Dean film Giant and this nice set which turned up in a British magazine titled "Foto" TEN YEARS before his films were made. 

Foto magazine, despite showing less skin than a typical Victoria's Secret show, somehow ended up on the British Censorship of Publications Acts in 1956! Go "figure."