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Vintage Sleaze Tijuana Bible Eight Pagers Comic Books from the Victor Minx Collection

Initiating a NEW series here on Vintage Sleaze, drawing from the collection of Victor Minx, a look at the tiny little lessons taught by Tijuana Bibles. The FIRST illustrated vintage sleaze in the United States by many accounts, and certainly the origin of Adult comics, these cute little chapbooks date to the 1930's for the most part. By this time, anyone who studies illustration or comic books know what the little buggers are, I hope to show some scarce and unusual examples on the site. Not wanting to corrupt minds or get in trouble, I will only show highlights of the books...Although mere illustrations and in my mind harmless, I recognize others may feel differently (although you can find entire collections of these things fully illustrated in your local Barnes and Noble)

To start the series, an apt choice is "Artists and Models" in which a model for a painter is harrassed, saved by a passing cabbie...and although 8 pages it is, I can only show two.

A special note: Ballsy Bill Smith on his Website Store frequently offers beautiful examples of these notorious nano books as well as work by many of the dopes I profile here. Pay his site a visit! William scours the hard streets of Brooklyn for overlooked and forgotten masterpieces mostly of the print kind...added benefits are he is fair and friendly, and he has the eyes of a pigeon looking for a cheerio which fell out of a toddler's stroller. HANG FIRE BOOKS

"Artists and Models" circa 1930 8 Pager Collection Victor Minx