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Finally...Scientific PROOF the Sexes are Equal. (Equally confused)

Vintage Sleaze strikes a scientific blow for equality from the past.

Vintage Sleaze solution for Chevy's Ignition Problem?

No Comment.  Vintage Sleaze the Blog

Edward Mishkin Produced book "She'ol" with Eugene Bilbrew Cover From the forthcoming book TIMES SQUARE SMUT

Edward Mishkin produced book "She'ol" with Eugene Bilbrew Cover  From the forthcoming book TIMES SQUARE SMUT collection Victor Minx circa 1955. 

TIMES SQUARE SMUT the BOOK tells the story of 72 books confiscated and banned by the United States Supreme Court fifty years ago, and one man's quest to find them all.  Yes, there are banned books in the United States, and these have not seen the light of day since they were hauled away by the police in New York City in the 1950s.  The true story of a mobster, a pornographer, a pin-up king and the artists, writers and models they employed.  Seven years in the making and 250 pages. Over 200 illustrations. Times Square Smut will be available as an Ebook as well.  Stay tuned to Vintage Sleaze the Blog for notice of publication and the TIMES SQUARE SMUT website for updates! 

Bettie Page Queen of Curves by Petra Mason Rizzoli

Bettie Page Queen of Curves video for the Petra Mason 2014 book published by Rizzoli.

Available for ordering HERE 

Artist Jay Jackson African American Superhero and Cartoonist

Jay Jackson isn't best known for superheroes, but he certainly was one.  He was also fearless.  Who but a hero would draw this image at a time when integration was unheard of, segregation was the unwritten law and yes, African-Americans were still being beaten when they dared to say the races should get along.  Much less that they might interact in skimpy attire.  At the time this postcard was drawn by Mr. Jackson, swimming pools were segregated.  If you watch the news, you know we still have a long way to go.

Jay Jackson was Black cartoonist who drew white pinups, but he did much more.  He spent most of his life encouraging understanding between the races and teaching valuable lessons with humor and insight in his comics.  

One would think the simple risqué "girly" postcards would be as disposable as the one cent stamp used to mail them in the 1940s, but the splendid HERE IS IS !! IN BLACK AND WHITE postcard was found in no less than Langston Hughes archives after he passed.   It was that notable.  Langston Hughes saved the postcard.

So am I.  It comes up on ebay once in a while, and it is just about the best way you can spend ten bucks.

Why did Jackson draw white pinups?  Because in 1945, even a penny postcard required expendable income for the members of his own race.  Like all commercial artists, he drew to sell. So most of his risqué postcards were of white glamor girls.   Here it Is in Black and White was a piece of 3 x 5 courage and one which resonates still today.    
Jay Jackson, the artist (and he was an artist, despite the ephemeral nature of postcards) passed away at the age of 48.  Jet Magazine ran an obituary for him in 1954. His work appeared in African-American newspapers and magazines.  He also ran an art clearinghouse for advertisers and publishers.  He drew the Pepsi advertisements which appeared in Ebony, a story in itself.  He did posters for War bonds during World War Two.  Our friends at The Museum of Uncut Funk have made available entire serial works of the Speed Jaxon syndicated series he drew for the Chicago Defender HERE and he also did a series of patriotic posters during World War Two.  An essay on the artist by Amy Mooney appears HERE.

Jay Jackson was one of four artists who drew the "Bungleton Green" series, a newspaper comic strip for African-American readers in the Chicago Defender from 1920 to 1963.  He is probably best known for his "As Others See Us" comics which did just that…and  both African-American and White readers laughed while they learned. 

A scrap of paper on the reverse of one of his drawings written in the artist's hand indicates his income  during the years from 1944 to 1947, from when the postcards were drawn, as going over 10,000 a year only once.

What is the hallmark of a Jay Jackson Pinup postcard?  Red cheeks on the women and a loose spinal column on the man.  The cards were printed in cheap lithograph form by  Colourpicture Publishers on Newbury Street in Boston.  The images he drew as postcards are not identified in the Colourpicture catalog as being by an African American, and I do not see the most notable one in the catalog.  Likely not a mistake, as it was not only hot, but incendiary at the time.  Few postcards transcend the genre.  This one does.  In the book  "Zoot Suit:  The Enigmatic Career of an Extreme Style" by Kathy Peiss, Mr. Jackson's male characters are discussed as women-chasing wolves.  Ain't we all?

The original sketch drawings, postcards and Colourpicture catalog are collection Jim Linderman.  The pages from Jay Jackson's Sketchbook are collection Jim Linderman  PAGES FROM THE JAY JACKSON SKETCHBOOK will be published by DULL TOOL DIM BULB BOOKS in 2015


Peter Kanto Party School ! Diddle U. and Zack the Hack Hughes

Peter Kanto.  Unfortunately, we have no review of this best seller by Peter, but we can list a number of other outstanding books by the author.  The author, by the way, who is actually a middle-notch Sci-Fi writer named Zack Hughes, born in 1928 and retired in 1993.  The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction refers to the titles below, without naming them, as "of varying import" which means they stunk. He wrote under some ten fake names, many of them women.  He also sold work to men's magazines like Adam.  Still, there can be no greater work than his book on Diddle U, certainly the greatest "party school" in history.

World Where Sex was Born

The Coupling Game

Naked Joy

Sexpo Danish-Style

Green Thumb and Silver Tongue

Glamor Boy

Call Me Gay

Rosy Cheeks

Super Sex Stars

Color Her Willing

Two Way Beach Girl

Too Young to Wait


Tom Cat

One Lonely Summer

Rake's Junction

Moonlighting Wives

The Love Standard

License to Prowl

Two Beds for Liz

Oh…and the ones below.  Apparently Mr. Kanto has fans worldwide! 

Bettie Page Armed and Acting in a Dingy Grimy Short for Irving Klaw Vintage Sleaze

Bettie Page packs heat in a typical dingy, grimy short for Irving Klaw.  The model aspired to acting, but she didn't get too far. 

Books and Ebooks available HERE

Times Square Smut the Book available Fall 2014

An update on Times Square Smut the book by Jim Linderman which will be available Fall 2014.  The first book to tell the story of the characters who created a sexual revolution from 1950 to 1965, all within a ten mile radius of Times Square.  Leonard Burtman, Edward Mishkin, Irving Klaw, Gene Bilbrew, Eric Stanton, Bettie Page, Anita Ventura, Tana Louise, Mara Gaye, Joe Shuster, Eric Stanton, Bill Alexander and a cast of characters you will never forget, and every word true.  200 colorful pages and dozens of remarkable stories, with new findings and images.

The art of the gutter which went all the way to the Supreme Court and eventually cemented our freedom to purchase and read any book we like.  Fashion was never the same.  200 pages.  Also available in Ebook.  Stay tuned to Vintage Sleaze the Blog and Times Square Smut the blog to learn when the book is available.
Current books and ebooks by the author are available HERE

Try to Delay Order Today! Culminal Slows Things Down 1955

Culminal.  The first official Vintage Sleaze the Blog product endorsement!  From the headquarters of safe and tested creams and salves, Union City, New Jersey in the 1950s!  You can trust Culminal!  Don't delay to delay!  


The Confused and Troubled Post-War Women of Malcolm H. Smith Proto Sleaze Pulp

The pulp women of Malcom H.Smith were beautiful, but more importantly their standards ran counter to the traditional female values of the day.  Drawn for Century Books line of "proto-sleaze" they seemingly depicted anyone other than the wife. It was 4 or 5 years after World War Two, and countless men in the marriage to "the girl back home" or unfortunately, these suffering from PTSD who couldn't figure out how to make a relationship work…found entertainment in the women Smith drew. Flawless in looks but just as messed up as the men.  Some men read these, but so did women… in their case to see why they couldn't land a fella.  Was there a secret to the recently liberated ladies here?

Thousand of vets came back, but thousands were gone for good.  Women, of course, worked harder than ever during the war and now the suburbs, picket fences and backyards called.  Smith's women were the darker side of the baby boom. Sexually troubled creatures demanded by a generation grown up too soon and ravaged by a war which nearly took everything.  No less troubled than the men.  Equal in confusion, somewhat weary, damaged and struggling with it all.

Like so many of the pulp artists in the late 1940s.  Smith did romance covers and science fiction, Born in 1910 Tennessee, studied art in Chicago and started selling fantasy drawings to Ziff-Davis.  Frankly, the Ziff-Davis drawings were insane and bizarre…just right for fantastic worlds.  In 1950 he moved to New York City for a time, and ten years later went to work for NASA where his imaginary worlds were used to help portray the real imaginary world…space.

Vintage Sleaze Magazines Aren't What they Used to Be Number 422 Swank

There was a time when sleaze almost wasn't, and one of the examples was wannabe Playboy Swank, which wasn't Playboy of course, but it tried. This cover one could leave on the table proudly, then or now.
Chip Goodman, son of Martin Goodman of Marvel Comics.  It is now, of course both limping along as magazines die, and trashy.

Books and $5.99 ebooks by the author HERE

Patricia Stone and Satira go to Cuba

Above Illustrator Jay Watson envisions a chorus girl at the Silver Palm here in 1947 for a "true expose" which ran in the Milwaukee Sentinel in 1947.  I don't think that the press used exploitation to sell papers will surprise you.

In the piece, Patricia Stone (as told to Jack Stone and Peter Levins)  which was subtitled "A Gay Little Dancer Begins Her Bitter Trip to Disillusionment and Heartbreak"  began with dancing lessons.  For a time, our hero became " the most sought after model in  one of the largest art schools in the world, The Art Institute of Chicago" while learning to dance spanish dances and the hindu. She was tagged a "$50 dollar a week girl" and stuck in the chorus.

Patricia Stone was from Toledo, Ohio.  Chicago was the big town.  She was 21. 

On 1946, Ms. Stone runs into Bill Mathews, who booked the strip clubs in Chicago, and she took a one week stand at the Silver Palm which turned into 7 months.  the Silver Palm was located under the L tracks.  A dump which kept two books to avoid paying cabaret taxes.

She perfected a Chinese routine, for which she made her own costume, and added arched eyebrows to her almond shaped eyes.  She danced under the name "Satira" while earning the rent…a ten dollar a week room in the Majestic Hotel.

In seven months, she had one night off.  She was not allowed to have desserts. 

And so it goes…one of hundreds of show girl exposes which fed the postwar need for titillation.  The serialized article, provided by the press syndicate "American Weekly" really functioned as filler for the advertisements.  The papers, then and now, made their money on ads for shoe stores and such.  The content was there only to deliver the pitches.  High journalistic standards are often ruled by money.

Of course, the news story proceeds as you might expect.  A murder, and our 21 year old with almond eyes pulled the trigger.  Satira did it, and she was put on trial in Havana.  How the hell did a stripper from Toledo, Ohio end up on trial for murder in Cuba?  You can look it up…suffice to say the fellow she shot, one John Mee, was a bad poet and former PT boat commander.   Married (of course) who named his boat after her and took the dancer to the Caribbean.  He tricked her out to the clubs in Cuba, which at the time, Pre-Castro, was a Mob-run cesspool of sordid sex and drink catering to American tourists.    Where, according to the court, he practiced "unusual sex" on the dancer.  It appears Mr. Mee, her victim, had left behind writings which indicated those perversions.  That part we leave to your imagination.  We will say he "manhandled" her and the dancer had the bruises to prove it.  Of course, the lawyers for the other side suggested she beat herself to beat the rap. 

Satira was convicted, and described by the judge as a "nymph" said the papers, but I suppose he called her a nymph in Spanish.  Not only that, the ruling criticized her for walking around the victim's yacht nude.

Cuba, like most countries, had no death penalty and she was given 15 years.  The president of Cuba pardoned her after 18 months and she returned to the stage in Chicago, but jumped up to a new tax bracket.  $3000 a week.

Serialized version of THE YACHT is HERE

The Silver Palm avoids paying taxes HERE

Photograph of the Silver Palm HERE

Books and $5.99 Ebooks by the author available HERE.

Vintage Sleaze the Blog Returns from Vacation with True Stories Galore

Vintage Sleaze took a week off, but it was a WORKING vacation!  Back with another true story from the Glory days of Smut Monday.  You can also follow Vintage Sleaze the Blog on Facebook.
BOOKS AND $5.99 Ebooks by the author available HERE

Bettie Page wakes up, gets dressed and checks for runs in an excrutiating slow manner

Ms. Page check for runs while the camera snaps.  Attributed to "Leonard Boyer" by a website which specializes in selling digital reprints, the photographer was more likely Leonard Burtman, who we have poked fun at numerous times on the Vintage Sleaze site...Or possibly by Sam Menning, an actor who later played "Pickled Egg Guy" in the movie My Name is Earl.   We'll go with Lenny using one of his nom de plume porn names with the same initials.



Vintage Sleaze Summer Vacation!  After 1400 posts in 5 years, FOUR MILLION Page views and over 575,000 Facebook followers...AD-FREE WITH NO EARNINGS...Vintage Sleaze the Blog is taking our first vacation!


Enjoy the many posts, EACH with a true tale from the golden days of smut, in the meantime.

ABOVE Bill Alexander cover for Bath House Peeper by Owen Patterson.  After Hours Books (a quasi-mob connected publisher which operated in the 1960s.)  Bill Alexander was an African-American artist and Illustrator.  Bad author Owen Patterson was also known as Anthony Dean.


I'll Let You Play With Mine, Yo-Yo. The Power of Vintage Sleaze the Blog

Well, the last time we posted this little risque adult novelty, it was stolen by some 500 websites, put on trinkets to be sold on eBay and used for an escort on an Adult dating site of some sort.  The least we can do is provide the answer.  
Vintage Sleaze the Blog now has 580,000 followers on Facebook.  

Eric Stanton of the Week is Corsets in Color

Eric Stanton drawing of the Week is the cover of Slave Mistress 1957 "TL Publishers" New York 

The  forthcoming book TIMES SQUARE SMUT will tell the true story of a handful of writers, models, photographers, publishers and minor criminals who published several hundred books in NYC which started a cultural revolution.  From the Gutters of Times Square to the Supreme Court.  Coming this Fall.

Why there are no African American NRA Members ? Lawyers Guns and Money in Black and White

"Frankly, the statistics on our criminal justice system are embarrassing. As of 2012, there were 6,937, 600 “offenders” under the supervision of the adult correctional system in our country. 1 in every 35 adults in the United States is either on probation, parole or in prison. That is a considerable market, and you can see why private companies are interested in taking over the industry. Think of a prison movie with a dozen inmates pounding their cups in unison as they bitch about the food. Multiply that by many, many times. There is a considerable market to be fed behind bars. The US system of incarceration is by far the largest in the world. 1/4 of the prisoners in the entire world are held in our prisons."  CONTINUE READING: FULL TEXT IS HERE

Betty Grable reveals her Measurements!

Foxhole Fox Betty Grable knocked Rita Hayworth off the pinup pedestal.  Her measurements? "Hosiery specialists of the era often noted the ideal proportions of her legs as thigh (18.5"), calf (12"), and ankle (7.5")" Her legs were famously insured by her studio for $1 million.  Publicity stunt.

Colored and signed (?) Publicity photograph of Betty Grable Collection Victor Minx

Vanessa Davis finds Support

Vanessa Davis is author of "Make Me a Woman" and one of the freshest faces in female fundom working today.  We are pleased to have her "Support System" story to share!  

Ms. Davis has numerous publications available and at the very moment is wrapping up her appearance at the Illustration Conference IC N8 at the Portland Museum.  Her work has been featured in The New York Times, Tablet, SpongeBob Comics and long ago, way back, on this site.
Reach Vanessa Davis cartoonist / illustrator at her website SPANIEL RAGE.